Why would you get a new kitchen?

By David Hill June 17, 2020

Why would you get a new kitchen?

As soon as you think about a new kitchen the first thing you will think about is your splashbacks….


Much as we would love that sentence to be true we know our glass splashbacks are not the first thing that comes to mind!


But what is?


We had a chat with Rebecca Hayes, partner at Abbey Kitchens in Shrewsbury, about what it is that people do think about first when they are kitchen hunting.


“I would say functionality is the first thing that people think about,” she said. “This kitchen does not work for me - we hear that so much in our industry.


“You spend an awful lot of time in your kitchen so if you don’t have a layout that suits you it can make a really big difference to your quality of life, especially if you have a kitchen diner that caters for a large family, or even the opposite - a small amount of space that you need to be functional for your needs.


“Another reason we hear often is a lack of cupboard space. When we are talking to customers about what they will need we always talk about cupboard space - experience tells us you always need more than you may originally think.


“Although less often, we have customers who love their layout but feel their kitchen is dated. They want to have a kitchen that is more up to date and that incorporates more modern equipment.”


We have worked alongside the Abbey Kitchens team for some time now and a dated kitchen is often where we come in - a splash of glass and colour can do wonders for a room and a kitchen is no different.


So, if your current kitchen doesn’t work for you or you are struggling with cupboard space then Abbey Kitchens can help - and if your kitchen is feeling a bit dated or you are looking to complete a new kitchen with a splash of colour or even your favourite piece of art or photograph then do get in touch!