It's April - time for something new....

By David Hill April 3, 2020

It's April - time for something new....

It’s April! 


This time last month we had no idea of the situation we as a business, as a family, and as a world would be in.

And it has forced change in so many ways - restrictions on where we go and what we do, how we buy food and products, who we spend our time with…..the list goes on.

We have all had to adapt, and The Glass Studio is no different.


As you can no longer come and visit us at our showroom in Shrewsbury, and as we can no longer come to your home to measure up for splashbacks, wall art, showers and more, we are launching a new offer.


Gift vouchers!

We often have people coming to us to create gifts for others, usually using photographs of a special occasion and turning them into a stunning piece of glass wall art, but we also have people who gift things as small as a chopping board or coasters.

At this time is it actually quite difficult to give a gift to someone that they can do something with straight away - but we want to provide it for you.


Send via email...


We now have vouchers that can be sent to people via email or post, gifting a glass gift for a birthday or another special occasion like an anniversary. 


Those receiving it can then take a look through their photo albums, or the artists’ albums on our website, for inspiration and ideas on what they would like to have on their chopping board, in their frame or on their wall.


They have plenty of time to decide on the exact image they would like to use, and then they can send it along to us with their voucher and we will begin the process of preparing it - and as soon as we are able we will get it to them (or they can come and collect it!!!).


Thank you


And finally, we want to say thank you in advance - because any of you that buy gift vouchers for friends or family, or even colleagues, will be supporting our business at this difficult time


To order, simply use our contact form and we can take it from there.


We are so very grateful.