Glass screening helping shops, pubs and restaurants open safely

By David Hill July 15, 2020

Glass screening helping shops, pubs and restaurants open safely

We are fully aware of the challenges faced by shop, pub and restaurant owners and the changes they are making as they reopen to the public - and are also aware that some owners are looking for bespoke solutions.


Our team at the Glass Studio is keen to do all we can in helping businesses kick-start their operations and social distancing and ensuring minimal risk of infection is key, so screening could provide one answer.


We have already worked with The Prince of Wales pub in Belle Vue and Pengwern books and Fabricius Jewellers in the town.


The problem


The very nature of shops, pubs and restaurants means working closely with the public in ways that most other businesses don’t. This presents unique problems in operating at a time like this.


More and more rules are being laid out, with the latest announcement being the compulsory wearing of face coverings in shops.


There is still uncertainty about how long social distancing measures will need to be in place so answers need to be found which will follow the regulations while keeping people safe.


They must find a way of adhering to the rules of limiting contact while still being able to accommodate enough trade to keep their business running. They must also instill confidence in customers which comes with knowing adequate safety measures are in place.


The solution


We are working with the hospitality industry to provide glass screening which will help achieve the goal of safety while assisting businesses with the major challenge of remaining economically viable.


We are able to make screens for pubs and restaurants that contain the logo or slogan in keeping with the style, brand or colours of the business - bespoke, glass, branded screens designed at keeping people separated while limiting any infection risk.


It means that shops, pubs and restaurants are keeping in line with social distancing but keeping with the surroundings and bespoke to the business as well.


We understand that there will be those who may not want screens to be part of their reopening plans - but for those that do, the Glass Studio is here to help if it is needed. 


For more information, telephone the Glass Studio on (01743) 350085.