How to measure and Fit a Glass Splashback for your Kitchen

By David Hill February 8, 2019

How to measure and Fit a Glass Splashback for your Kitchen

Measuring and Fitting a Kitchen glass Splashback may seem a little daunting but it really doesn't have to be, In this short blog, We will list the tools you will need and possible obstacles that may get in the way to prevent you from having a straight forward fitting experience.

Follow these steps for a simple way to transform and protect your kitchen wall.

What you will need

  • A Tape Measure
  • A Pencil
  • A Piece of Plain Paper
  • A Spirit Level
  • A Silicone Gun (Only if you're Gluing your Splashback permanently to the wall)
  • A Tube of Low Modulus Silicone (Again Only if you're gluing your Splashback permanently to the wall)
  • A Drill and Drill Bits (Only if screwing your Splashback to the wall)
  • Chrome Fixing Screws and Caps (Included from TGS with drilled Splashbacks)

What to do next


  • Measure the area where you'll be fitting your glass Splashback,
  • Remember to deduct 4mm from each measurement so that your glass fits perfectly into the space.
  • It's always best to take 3 different measurements on both the Width and the Height,
  • One from the top, One from the middle and one from the bottom on the Height.
  • One from the left hand side, one from the centre and one from the right hand side on the Width.
  • Always use the shortest measurements that you've taken.
  • You can always fill any small gaps with the same transparent Low Modulus silicone that you will use to fix your Splashback to the wall at the end of the process.


  • Choose you're Image or Colour from our endless list of  choices and decide whether you'll be gluing or screwing your glass to the wall. If your glass is screwed to the wall, This will allow you to remove and update it in the future, or you may even take it with you should you move house.
  • Get a quote by using the contact form on The Glass Studio website contact us page, Including all of your measurements, your preferred Colour/ Image and whether you require any Silicone or Holes drilling.
  • Place your order.


  • Unpack your Splashback very carefully! Always place your Splashback down on a soft surface.
  • Check the measurements against the ones you ordered.
  • Check your Splashback in position before applying any adhesive or drilling any holes, It may even help if you draw a light pencil to mark exactly where your Splashback is going.
  • Using a spirit level and light pencil, draw a straight line accross the bottom, you can use this line to make sure you fit your Splashback and keep it level.

Gluing your Splashback!!

  • If you are gluing your Splashback, use your silicone gun to apply your Low Modulus Silicone to your wall, add enough strips of silicone from one side to the other of your Splashback in 100mm intervals.
  • Carefully place your Splashback back into the desired position and press firmly against it.
  • If your Splashback is sitting on a worktop or upstand it should stay firmly in position.
  • If it's free standing you may need to add a little support to the bottom unti the Low modulus silicone is set.

Drilling and screwing your Splashback!!

  • If you have selected a beautiful piece of art as your kitchen Splashback, It's a good idea to screw it to the wall. This gives you the option of changing or taking your art with you if you should move house.
  • Again after carefully unpacking your glass Splashback, test it in position.
  • If your happy with the fit, Mark each hole with a pencil making it very clear exactly where the centre of each hole is.
  • Now check that there are no pipes or cables behind where you have marked with a digital detecting tool.
  • If all is clear, Using the correct drill bit that matches the size of your raw-plugs, drill into the wall far enough so you can easily push your raw-plugs in to position.
  • Ask someone to carefully hold your Splashback back in position, making sure all of the holes on the Splashback line up with the newly drilled holes in your wall.
  • Slowly screw in all of the special screws that will have been provided with all Glass Studio Splashbacks. Make sure you do not over tighten as this could shell or even break the glass.
  • Once you have fixed all of your screws you can easily screw on the Chrome caps that come with your screws by hand.

And That's It!!!! 

You can now sit back and enjoy beautiful art and easy clean kitchen walls at the same time!!

If you're still not entirly comfortable, We do offer a supply and fit service.